Would you pass a quiz on what IPSF does for your school and your child?!
IPSF are a non profit foundation dedicated to improving the educational services in Irvine through the provision of many valuable programs, both in and outside the classroom. See below for the crib sheet that will make you the IPSF expert next time someone asks, “What is this IPSF thingamy all about?!” 


In School
  • IPSF provide Instructional Assistants in elementary schools, facilitating smaller learning groups. 
  • Quality music programs – music has been proven in educational research to improve academic performance in key areas such as Math and IPSF funds our music program at Stone Creek.
  • Health and Wellness, providing school nurses and athletic trainers
  • STEAM education – providing opportunities for real world application and career options in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
  • Supporting social, academic and personal development, plus college and career planning with NAVIANCE, a web based tool available to all IUSD students and families from Middle School.
  • Providing nearly $5.5 million in grants to IUSD schools. At Stone Creek, this has translated into the instructional assistants that reduce group learning sizes, provide additional math and reading support, and supporting the school wide positive behavioral system.

Classes & Camps

  • Summer camps – who among us hasn’t poured over the annual IPSF summer course catalogue that comes out every year in early Spring and wished we were still young enough to sign up for one of the amazing courses we get to offer our kids each year?! These courses are all made possible with the support of IPSF. In addition, the enrichment academy helps prepare students for the next phase of their academic career.
  • The ACE academy (Afterschool Classroom Enrichment) offers an AMAZING variety of experiences for the students, from chess to sports, coding to film-making, homework support to school musicals. 
  • Enrichment Days, twice a year on school holidays, give students even more opportunity to engage in learning on topics of interest that may not be offered in their regular curriculum. 
  • The Program to Advance Cultural Education (PACE) is a 3 day workshop provided for the educators of IUSD to learn more of the history and culture of certain countries represented by a significant proportion of Irvine’s student population.
  • Instrument Rental: Each year, IPSF rents over 2000 instruments to IUSD students, a program that has raised more than $1 million over the years to support Irvine’s music program.
  • CubeSat: IPSF is the official funding partner of CubeSat – an exciting STEM program for high school students culminating in the development and launch of a nano-satellite into low Earth orbit!
  • Scholarships: IPSF offers three separate scholarships providing financial support to IUSD high school students who exemplify the qualities of leadership, community service and academic excellence.
  • Grants: Since 1996, IPSF has awarded over $1.5 million in grants to educators within our school district for educational support. The chrome books our children are so lucky to have in school may have come straight from an IPSF grant!
  • Athletics – HOW much fun did we have supporting our Eagles at Harvest Cup this October?! IPSF provides the Tournament of Champions, encompassing the annual Harvest Cup, Hoops Classic and Winter Bowl. These not only build physical skill and teamwork in our students, and enhance school pride, but provide valuable funds for for Irvine schools and awareness of IPSF.      And yeah yeah yeah, congratulations Bonita Canyon and Vista Verde! We’ll get you next year! 


Did You Know?! – The IPSF Advanced Course!

Irvine City will MATCH $ for $ any donation you make to IPSF. So your $50 or $20 or $10 donation is automatically doubled! Can you think of a better way to spend our taxes than right back on our own children?!

Your own employer may offer a donation matching program – ask your HR department about gift matching funding.

All donations to IPSF are tax-deductible.

There is SO much going on each year through IPSF in addition to everything listed above! See here for current news and events, or refer to our Stone Creek Events Calendar right here on the website, where IPSF has it’s own color code!


If you are now in total awe of what IPSF provides for us and would like to rush them a donation as quickly as you can  – follow the link here!
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