Helping our Kids, Helping our School  


Won’t you join us?! The PTA would love your help, working together in support of our students and our school. We always need extra help to make this an amazing school year!

We know that our children learn from adults who care about them. Giving of your time, your talents and abilities will not only help our school but enhance our children’s learning. Please join us in volunteering as your time allows.


For more information on the volunteer positions available, please see below. To volunteer, click here:



Picture Days, Vision & Hearing


  • Help organize the students as they come through for Picture Day. Plus help out on vision and hearing screening day.
  • Dates to be confirmed


Fundraising projects


  • Book Fair – help with setting up bookshelves, organizing children, cashiering and tidying up after each session, twice a year in early Fall and early Spring over 5 days.
  • Jog a Thon – we need volunteers to help with race cards, t-shirts, organizing the classes, collecting data, preparing prizes, setting up, cleaning up.
  • Pledge Drive – this year we have it covered! Feel free to help next year with photocopying, flyer preparation, collating, distributing information to classrooms.


Family Fun Events

  • Ice Cream Social – a kid-favorite! Help set up and serve ice cream. Be the most popular parent in school! Cleaning up afterwards also welcome!
  • Tiles for Technology – set up and help the kids paint tiles that will be displayed on the outer school walls, plus clean up afterwards
  • Fall Family Fun Night –
  • End of year Celebration – aka Spring Carnival. We need many volunteers to help collect money, give out wristbands, contact local vendors, work booths, set up and clean up.
  • International Night – set up and clean up – finishing off leftover food optional!
  • Picnic with Parents – advertising with flyers and posters, being the coordinator for PTA.


Community Programs

  • Reflections – be part of the team collecting and organizing artwork
  • Mother and Daughter Tea (5th grade) – we need a team to help plan and coordinate this very popular event every Spring. Particularly useful for a 4th grade mom to assist the 5th grade moms to understand what is coming to them next year!
  • Guy Stuff (6th grade) – we need a team to plan and coordinate the boys 6th grade health night, again very useful for a 5th grade dad to find out what is happening in preparation for next year.
  • 6th Grade Promotion – we have all sorts of jobs on this one! setting up, organizing food donations, planning, clearing up.


Community Health

  • Red Ribbon Week – help this team promote a drug-free, healthy lifestyle during this October week.
  • Walk to School Day – no help required! Just participate and get those knees moving!
  • Kids Run the OC – this hugely popular annual event requires people to help Fridays after school in the Spring to help train the kids for their one-mile run in May.


School Support

  • Workroom Copying – live for working on a photocopier?! Come and help the teachers produce what they need to run their classrooms.
  • Teacher Appreciation Events – help show our teachers how awesome they are by assisting the coordinator with daily events during this week in Spring. (Side note: teachers would like it known that they welcome all food donations any day of the year. Donuts especially appreciated 🙂 !)


PTA Board

  • Yearbook – not for the faint-hearted! It’s a big job, but a lot of fun – help take and collect photos throughout the year, organize and edit them, work with the team to design and produce the yearbook. Perfect job for someone with creative leanings and a dab hand with a camera.
  • Coffee Talk – every couple of months, we need someone in charge of the coffee and pastries for this informal gathering with Principal Berumen. Feel free to attend! Ask Principal Berumen anything you like! (Well, almost anything!)
  • Marquee Publicity – changing out the marquee messages on a monthly basis. Former Spelling Bee Champions are particularly welcome to apply!